Welcome to MOT.  What is MOT?

MOT is a self-sustaining membership club that believes that being part of a community is the BEST tool to create meaningful connections that last.

‚ÄčMOT strives to provide high-quality opportunities for high-quality people aged 29 and up. Our members are exceptional, influential entrepreneurs, artists, and professionals who share a Jewish background and a passion for forming valuable personal and professional connections. Our programs and events take place at some of the best establishments in the city - from trendy, innovative restaurants to stunning properties in the Hamptons.  

 Our community brings together established individuals who desire new friendships, new ideas, and new opportunities to collaborate on initiatives that create social impact (Tikkun Olam).

MOT New Member Application

The Benefits of Membership

The Dinner Club Membership is for Associate Members that have been referred through an application process and acceptance by the Membership Committee.  Members are made up of Entrepreneurs, business people, artists, professionals who experience the high touch of MOT’s most curated community.  These dinners take place in the finest private rooms of New York’s best culinary destinations and have between 18 to 32 people. The dinner club offers a personalized connection to the people in New York you’ve always imagined meeting.

MOT New Member Application

MOT Working For Our Members

Our wonderful Advisory Board and Team are busily planning exclusive dinner events through out the year for our Dinner Club Members.  

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